Animville is a city located in France (although in some episodes it seems to be located in other country). It is the main setting of the series.


Animville has a number of notable locations and companies, such as Bank & Bank, a banking company seen in Hip Hip Hip Hypnoses, Hypnotic Oggy, My Beautiful Prison and Well Guarded Gold, a hospital that is seen in Heatwave, Under the Sun and Face Off, Oggy's Brand New Face and a police station and jail that are seen in The Fugitive; A Tip for the Road, Crazy Driving!; and A Night at the Opera, Oggy at the Opera.

In From Mumbai with Love, when the shot with the map, plane and path to Mumbai is shown, the start of the path is actually a dot that is located in Paris, France, which would mean that Animville might be located in France.

In Bicycle Crazy!, while Jack is holding a map of France, the camera zooms into Paris, showing another proof of Animville being located in France.

However, it's hard to say where Animville is exactly located. In some Season 1 and Season 2, like Oggy's Clone and Milk Diet, Animville is showed to be located in somewhere in Africa. In episode That's the Last Straw!, the city is apparently located in Southeast Asia. In episode Mission to Earth, Animville is possibly located in Germany. In episode Inside Out, Animville is possibly shown to be located in Africa again. In Season 6 and Season 7 episodes, Animville seems to be located in somewhere in South United States, or in America, as shown in episode Oggy's Costume and And The Winner Is... Dee Dee!. But for some reason, the city is located in France again in Freefall Jump.


Chaville is a commune nearby where the main characters live. It consists of row after of row of mostly identical houses.




A running gag throughout the series involves Animville being destroyed in some fantastic and unusual way.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

  • Crazy Driving!: Destroyed entire city by Oggy while driving his car.

Season 7


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