All Out of Shape is the eighth episode of Season 2, and was remade as the sixty-seventh episode for Season 6 under the title Playing Dough. Oggy has a new hobby : modeling clay. With the dexterity of a Rodin, Oggy sculpts a miniature version of the entire house, including himself. But the roaches steal the clay-Oggy statue and stick needles in it like a voodoo doll. And it works!


Oggy has a lot of clay forms, including animals and humans, all in different colors, on his clay mat. As Oggy puts down a clay model of him, he picks another one, making another copy of him, when the telephone rang. So he puts down the molded clay, and goes to answer the telephone as the cockroaches plan to mess up the clay forms. As he answered the telephone (no one knows who was answering, practically his date, or Jack), they start to mess up the clay. Joey removes the head of a gnome and places it on his own; Marky removes the head of a rabbit, and starts eating clay carrots, which the two laugh at their funny heads; while Dee Dee plays with a clay cow, then tying its legs to a ribbon. As Oggy went back to playing clay, Joey and Marky redid their previous forms and disguised themselves, while Dee Dee, unnoticed, remodels a clay pig into clay ham, then noticed Oggy, remodels back to a pig's head. 

Oggy, still happy with the new hobby, forms the hair of the clay statue. As the cockroaches fled, Joey bumped onto clay Oggy's hind, leaving Oggy noticed that his own hide is being squashed. Joey, seeing this new opportunity of messing with Oggy, starts by slapping him on the left side of his face. The rest goes on:

1. A bite to the tail by Dee Dee;

2. A pinch to the left hip by Marky;

3. And all started to hurt Oggy using different kinds of tools to mess with him: a fork, a cactus, a corkscrew, and a POCKET KNIFE?!

Soon Oggy was bashed all around the room, until Oggy used a pillow to cover his hide, and seal it with bandage, until a dynamite finished it all up that blew his hide up into space and back, till he crashed back into the house, on the floor, near the mat. 

Dizzy, and angry at the same time, he threatens to smash the cockroaches again, till Marky grabbed it again, and Joey, grabbing his eyes, and turning it into a nearly-blind sideway-looking sight. Dizzy at this again, Oggy bumps into the light post, and the cockroaches run away with the clay model after Joey hits the light on Oggy's head. At the stairs, Oggy was running up it, till Dee Dee and Joey tied his legs, making him trip, and leaving to slide while biting on the stairs. Marky sees this as a mess, till Oggy went up, and spits out the sawdust and wood chips of it, till he's remodeled into a ball, bouncing down the stairs, onto Dee Dee who's squished by it, then all around the hallway, into the kitchen, then into the trash can, which he's reformed back, then Dee Dee gets all the victory as Oggy removes his head from the trash can. Dee Dee gets a laugh at this, then melts Clay Oggy into a toaster, then turning him into toast. One last came from the freezer, to which Joey freezes it and drops it down like cracked ice. They run away.

Oggy, being reformed by itself, pursues the cockroaches and the clay model. But it's not over yet, as the cockroaches mess with his lips while running, then tying his long tongue to his neck, which he trips, then elongates his neck, which Oggy's still pursuing. The elongated head, arms, and legs, runs all over the house trying to catch them, till they stop at his final form, and Oggy retrieves back the model, and smashing them. 

Oggy's clay model is kept into the safe, with his money, then starts making the clay models of the cockroaches. He'll mess them back the same way they messed with him. Joey gets another opportunity by grabbing all the clay animals and remodelling into a larger form of Oggy. As Oggy starts to squash them with an anvil, Oggy sees another form of him, then ties his hands around, making him tightly hugged by his own arms, letting the anvil squash him, crashing down on the floor, leaving a big, nasty bump on the head. 

Oggy's clay model is now rolled up by a road roller, then rolls him up like tissue, and runs away with it. Only the arms, hands, legs, and feet are working, so he goes after it as Jack came back to Oggy's house. Jack came back from fishing, then goes to the kitchen to see his clay cockroaches and growls at it. As the chase continues, Tissue Oggy is carried into the comfort room, where he's to be used as toilet paper, then flushed down. The door is locked, Oggy bangs on it as soon as Jack heard it, then cries at it, then Jack comforts him for it, the cockroaches laughing at it, but suddenly, all three cockroaches are inflated of their bodies, after Joey comes out and reforms clay Oggy back to his original form in front of Jack. Soon, the entire side of the house is blown, and the cockroaches are blown up. Jack comes to hug Oggy, he is soon squashed by Jack's foot. Jack realizes this, and grins at it as the screen fades down.

(From Nickelodeon's Artzooka: Remember, when modelling clay, don't use your own self, or it will be messed up.)



Oggy and the Cockroaches - ALL OUT OF SHAPE (S02E86) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - ALL OUT OF SHAPE (S02E86) Full Episode in HD