During a lovely day in the yard, Joey photoshops some pics and makes Oggy believe that he has had a fling with Olivia, the lovely neighbor. Oggy is super jealous and begins to act very strangely. No one can understand why.

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A Jealous Guy is the 5th episode of Season 4.


Oggy saw Olivia walking to her house a bit sad, so he invited Olivia to his pool to cheer her up and Olivia accepted. Cockroaches also went in with Oggy trying to catch them. Oggy catches them and stuffs them in a fountain which greatly launches them into outer space and orbits them back for a devastating crash landing. Joey wants to get revenge by editing photos seemingly as if they were dating. When Olivia told Oggy to give her sunblock, Oggy suddenly saw Joey's edited photo and as a result, his eyes turn black and went to Olivia. When she grabbed the sunblock, Oggy tries to take the sunblock but the sunblock ended up squirted at them both. Jack arrives with his monster truck, Olivia told Jack to tell her what happened to Oggy. Oggy is seen crying and has the picture in his hands while Jack enters and nearly saw the picture but Oggy didn't let him and he went out to break up with Olivia like what Jack ordered but before he could do it, she kiss Oggy, making him fall in love again.

The cockroaches, however, hid in a gnome, took another photo again and re-edited it. Oggy wants to take a ping-pong racket to play ping-pong, but suddenly Joey's photo appeared again in Olivia's bag, thus turning his eyes black again and he showed it to Jack, but when they throw a ball, the ball clearly hit his eyes. Oggy, not expressed, suddenly cries, both of cats not knowing why. For the second time, Jack wants him to break up with Olivia, but she again kisses him again with Oggy telling Jack everything is fine now, but Dee Dee bites him, and Oggy tries to catch him but then Joey's photo's appeared. For the third time, Oggy had black eyes and go forth to the ravine seen in his eyes with his car. Olivia knows about this and sad, cries. Jack tries to solve it and notices one of the gnomes are laughing and he discovers the cockroaches and take their camera. He discovered the photos are only edits and not real. So he told Olivia what happened and also to tell Oggy what happened while Jack attacks and punishes the cockroaches. Olivia calls Oggy and told him what happened to in which he was excited but accidentally pressing the accelerator, falling of the ravine. He was brought back home injured by Jack and Jack and Olivia play ping-pong using the cockroaches as the balls while Oggy cheers for them.



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Oggy and the Cockroaches - A Jealous Guy (S04E05) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - A Jealous Guy (S04E05) Full Episode in HD

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