A Bird of Ill Omen is the 52nd episode of Season 1. A hunter appears and makes Oggy´s life HELL. Apperently the hunter has some eye problem: because of his extremely poor eyesight, the turkey looks like Oggy to him and Oggy looks like the turkey.


Episode starts: Another normal day. And Oggy here is watering his hedge flowers. Suddenly, a turkey jumps over the hedge, and hides behind Oggy. Oblivious, he doesn't know what's going on as he tries to look around. But the turkey is stuck to his back scared as the hunter came out hunting for turkeys for the Thanksgiving Party. Unfortunately, everything he spots will only look like a turkey, and shoot if it is. He turned back to see the turkey and Oggy, as his visions are vice-versa. The turkey ran away as the hunter shot Oggy in the head.

Not wanting to be shot completely, he ran back into the house. But the hunter burst in, destroying everything he sees as a turkey. Through the door, destroying the TV, a painting, a potted flower, a moose trophy, even the glass on the closet. The cockroaches appear, and used the hunter to its advantage. Oggy warned them, but they made the turkey call anyway as he hid behind the couch. After the hunter's receiving signal, he destroyed the couch with Oggy behind it. (That black face scene should be removed like those in the Tom and Jerry DVD, you know.)

Now, Oggy has to analyze. First, he makes an inflatable turkey to see the hunter's vision reaction. Oggy signals him, as he sees the inflatable turkey, it's the cat himself. He tried again with a cardboard outline of him. Now he realized he should be safe from the hunter's gun blast if he wants a turkey. So he bought a turkey costume, wore it, and danced at him with a stuffed Oggy. His visions are still vice-versa, so he's safe. Whilst the hunter got it, the cockroaches mess with this one by inflating the costume to burst. After he got out the door, he heard the burst, went back in, saw his burst suit with Oggy inside it, still impaired, and blasted him.

The cockroaches laughed at this one as the chase between him and the hunter ensues. He tried a different plan, going under the carpet to avoid being seen. But the hunter sent a hunting dog to take care of the matter. As soon as it saw Oggy, the chase ensues again with the cockroaches hammering down the carpet, right into Oggy's path, sending him flying into the wall, and falling down on the floor, dazed. Even a dazed Oggy is still considered a turkey.

Night time fell, as he can't get up to his bedroom with the hunter sleeping, so he slept at the lightshade above, thinking of a way to get rid of the hunter. So while he was sleeping, he made him dressed up as a turkey, dazing him first, then covering in oil and feathers. The next morning, he called the other hunters on the phone to come get his "turkey hunter" out of the house. Unfortunately, all the hunters he called are visually impaired, with the makeshift hunter as Oggy, and they all turned to Oggy as they all shot him. The real turkey, on the left side of the hunter, laughed out loud at that prank. In a fit of anger, Oggy grabbed the hunter's gun, and aimed it at the real turkey. Another chase is ensued with pissed off Oggy shooting down the turkey, missing the shots as Oggy destroyed everything in the turkey's miss shots as the cartoon comes to an end. This turkey, is a Bird of a real Ill Omen.




Oggy and the Cockroaches - A Bird Of ill omen.avi


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