3 Wishes and Your Out is the 68th episode of Season 1. A bedouin, who is lost and parched in a desert, finds a magic lamp. He uses his three wishes to get a palace, a pile of gold and lovely girls, but he forgets to wish for water. The genie flees after being attacked by the infuriated bedouin who eventually and later find the lake full of water, and of course, ends up in Oggy's house. Now Jack uses the genie for getting a date, but the cockroaches make him waste three wishes for the vacuum cleaner for Oggy.


Episode starts: In a desert, a bedouin was lost and he had not much water left. He found a lake at the oasis, but once he dived in on delighted sight, it was revealed to be a mirror image as it disappeared without warning, thus he banged his head on plain sand. However, he saw a magic lamp, rubbed it and released its genie. He used his three wishes to get a palace for one, a pile of gold for another and for the last, three lovely female dancers. Unfortunately, he had not thought to wish for water. The genie refused to grant any more wishes other than three and returns to his lamp. The beduin angrily attacked the lamp, which made the genie fly away, but the bedouin finally reached the real oasis for the real water. The genie soared to the other half of the world towards Oggy's house (Oggy had been undusting the towel on the line) and settled himself at home by resting on the table placed at Oggy's cleaning essentials. Oggy noticed just as he grabbed his duster, looked at it and prepared to dust it, a chase between Jack and the Cockroaches transformed the atmosphere of the scene to surround Oggy in the crossfire. The lamp had flown off the table before Oggy catched it. Next, Oggy had it resting in his valuable cabinet when the chase which was then with roles reversed - the Cockroaches employing the use of a chainsaw that cut through the floor to pursue Jack - stirred up the mood again. The Cockroaches were then being attacked with dynamite sticks Jack threw. He accidently threw a stick right into his mouth. The stick exploded, the cabinet was destroyed, but the lamp wasn't. Oggy caught it again after that. As the chase went on, Oggy freed the genie. Episode ends.


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Oggy and the Cockroaches - 3 Wishes and Your Out (S1E68) Full Episode in HD


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